Introducing Broadway Pizza & Grill: Your San Diego Pizzeria
May 28, 2019 at 12:00 AM

Whether you’re too busy to cook or you’ve decided you want a tasty treat, it’s difficult to beat a slice of pizza. At Broadway Pizza & Grill, we use the skills of our highly trained chefs to deliver the best pizzas in San Diego. In addition to our top pizza delivery, we offer restaurant dining experiences day and night. As restaurateurs who want to ensure their customers always leave satisfied, we offer more than just pizzas. With our flavorful wings and juicy burgers, we’re confident there’s something on our menu for you.

A top pizza delivery service in San Diego

When you’re feeling hungry and your mind turns to takeout food, pizza is often high on the list. Our top pizza delivery service in San Diego is here to make sure everyone in your household feels satisfied.

Our classic pizzas come with a range of toppings designed to suit most dietary needs. You can make our cheese pizza extra tasty with additional helpings of cheese, feast on a seafood pizza that everyone will love, or spice up our veggie pizza with extra toppings. If you’re craving dough but you want something super-filling, why not try one of our calzones? We pack them with tasty ingredients and cook them to perfection before delivering them right to your door.

Our top pizza delivery service covers more than just pizza

Understandably, not everyone in your house will want to eat pizza. But, they may consider one of our rich pasta dishes, fish and chips, or a plate of wings. Or, maybe even a tasty burger!

Our restaurant menu is designed to satisfy all who walk through our doors or who order for delivery.

Transforming your lunchtime dining experience

When lunchtime rolls around and your mind is on sandwiches, try one of our filling selections. In addition to our classic club sandwich, you can come to us for a Philly cheese steak, meatball sub, or roast beef sandwich. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative, try one of our turkey subs. All sandwiches are made fresh, onsite, using high-quality ingredients.

If you’d rather enjoy a long and leisurely lunch, delve into one of our signature pasta dishes. Each one is made fresh by one of our skilled chefs. We’re particularly proud of our filling Italian classic dishes, including baked lasagne, spaghetti with meatballs, and various Alfredo-based dishes.

Late-night dining for every occasion

At Broadway Pizza & Grill, we want to make sure our customers throughout San Diego enjoy a dining experience that beats anything else they’ve ever tried. When you choose to dine-in at our restaurant, we’ll treat you as though you’re a member of the family. Our aim is to produce dishes that have a home-cooked feel and that can beat anything your mom ever made.

Our extensive evening menu features everything from Alaskan salmon and shrimp through to vegetarian-friendly gyro plates. When you order a steak from us, we’ll cook it to your idea of perfection. Our sumptuous selection of appetizers is perfect for starting your evening and don’t forget to ask for our impressive drinks list.

Finally, we’re always running a range of deals that’ll help you eat more, for less. If you’re ready for a challenge, try to make your way through our generous chicken wing platter that features 20 wings and a selection of four sauces.

At Broadway Pizza & Grill, we’re proud of our top pizza delivery and in-house dining experiences. If you want to know more about our menu or if you want to make a reservation, call (619) 232-6264.