You'll Keep Coming Back for More - Broadway Pizza and Grill Menu Options
June 17, 2019 at 12:00 AM

If you're looking for some of the best food in the San Diego area, we've got you covered. We pride ourselves on using the freshest ingredients to ensure that every bite you take is incredibly delicious. 

Whether you're craving a cheesy pizza with all the toppings or a refreshing salad, a delicious sandwich for lunch, or just an appetizer to satisfy your snack cravings, Broadway Pizza and Grill can help. 

Read on to learn about our amazing menu that will have you hooked. 

What's on our menu?

So what is it that makes us so good? We've crafted a menu that has something for just about everyone. We don't just specialize in pizza because we know that everyone has different tastes. Explore our menu to learn all the different cravings you can satisfy with Broadway Pizza. 

Crave-worthy appetizers

If you're just looking for something to tide you over before your meal, or if you want a small snack in the middle of the day, we have you covered. We offer everything from breadsticks to buffalo wings to satisfy your small-meal cravings. 

Refreshing salads

if you're craving something on the fresh side, our salads are just right for you. All of our salads are made with hand-picked lettuce, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, cabbage and carrots. We have a variety of topping options to ensure that you get just what you're looking for. 

Amazing, cheesy pizzas

As our name suggests, we offer some of the best pizza around. Whether you're looking for a specialty pizza or just a plain with cheese, we'll toss it just the way you like it. And we have more than 15 different toppings to choose from!

Crispy calzones

If you're looking for an alternative to your favorite pizzas, opt for a calzone! Just as cheesy and just as topping-packed, you'll fall in love with your own custom combination.

Delicious sandwiches for lunch

If you're on your lunch break, and nothing can satisfy you like a sandwich, we can take care of you. We offer everything from burgers and roast beef, to meatball and turkey subs. Did we mention that all of our sandwiches are served with a side of fries? You can't go wrong with an Broadway sandwich, and you'll never return to the office hungry!

Signature pasta

Didn't we say we had it all? When it comes to lunch and dinner, we know how to do it right. We also offer a wide variety of signature pastas that will fulfill your carb-filled needs. We offer lasagna, spaghetti, ravioli, Alfredo, and so much more. Choose the pasta that best fits your mood, and you'll leave full and satisfied. 

Dinner specials

We're not done yet - we also offer dinner specials that are perfect for date night, a family get-together, or a night out with the girls. We offer dinner dishes ranging from New York steak to fish and chips. And you'll love every dish. 

Explore the menu in person 

If you're craving the goods that Broadway pizza has to offer, come visit us today! You won't be disappointed, and we guarantee that it won't be your last visit!