5 Pizza Trends to Watch In the Second Half of 2019
August 12, 2019 at 12:00 AM

Pizza always has the power to surprise. In some form or another, food lovers have enjoyed pizza for thousands of years. The fun part about pizza lies in the fact that, like tacos, its versatility screams for fun ways to innovate and create new and exciting styles. Many of these you can enjoy at Broadway Pizza and Grill, one of the best dinner spots in San Diego. 

Below are five trends that we have seen in pizza this year.

And no, we’re not including the recent social media debate on pizza with pineapple (we love that, by the way!)

Increasing Popularity of Mediterranean Flavors

This takes pizza back to its Greek and Levantine roots. While feta made its appearance on pies long ago, some restauranteurs have started experimenting with favors more exotic to the American palate. Toum, for example, has long served as a staple in Lebanon. It features olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and salt and can serve as a great complement to chicken or shrimp. 

Zhoug, reminiscent of Italian pesto and Puerto Rican sofrito but much spicier, combines hot pepper, garlic, and cilantro. It can add powerful flavor to certain types of pizzas. 

Move over Brooklyn and Chicago, Detroit Is In the Pizza House

Dodgers versus Giants, Ohio State versus Michigan, Lakers versus Celtics, none of these rivalries tops Brooklyn versus Chicago's great national pizza debate. 

The battle may soon feature a three-way fight.

Detroit style pizza has emerged as a growing favorite. It originated from a Detroit pizzeria called Buddy’s in 1946 and has since spread all over Michigan and recently across the nation. Detroit style pizza takes a focaccia style crust pressed into a square or rectangular pan. It takes a drizzle of sauce, heaping piles of Wisconsin brick cheese, and traditional pizza meats and mushrooms. 

Artisanal restaurants have deviated a bit from the original concept, but have helped to spread it nationwide.

Cauliflower Crust for Carb Counters

With the popularity of diets that rely on subtracting carbohydrates from the diet, pizza makers have worked to find a carb-free crust.

As in other food sectors, cauliflower has come to the rescue. This versatile carb-free vegetable has already shown itself an acceptable substitute for mashed potatoes. Now cauliflower crusts have grown popular, especially with young people watching their waistlines. 

CBD Oil-Infused Pizza

Another trend that has received high levels of attention from younger customers is CBD oil-infused pizza. Those who order it, however, may not understand what CBD oil is. Though derived from both marijuana and hemp, CBD oil does not contain the active THC substance that produces a high. It is more effectively used as a medicine.

While pizza shops cannot advertise that their pizza reduces anxiety, insomnia, and other issues, it has proven a popular topping. 

More Creative Non-Tomato-Based Sauces

While everyone loves a great tomato-based pizza sauce, pizza consumers around the country have embraced new and exciting styles of sauce. White sauce has served as an option for decades, but recently, new and exciting sauce ideas have exploded across the nation.

For example, Pies and Pints, based in Charleston, West Virginia (the state with the most per capita pizza places, shockingly enough), offers sriracha aioli, creme fraiche, and other non-traditional sauces. 

Other pizza innovators have experimented with pesto, balsamic vinegar, olive tapenade, alfredo sauce, and even ranch dressing. 

Stop by Broadway Pizza and Grill soon to enjoy our wide range of succulent pizzas. Also, if you have enjoyed a new and delicious sauce on your pizza travels, tell us about it. We may just try it ourselves.